Emergency snow shelters

You're trapped in a blizzard far from civilization and miles from your car what do you do? Keep walking and freeze to death or stop and dig in?
Most would say stop and dig in. Countless lives have been lost and saved by snow it just depends on what you choose to do with it.
The easiest shelter to construct is a snow cave just find a deep drift and dig down till you have a cavity big enough for you to comfortably lay down. Next you need to pop two ventilation holes in the top. Do not make your cave too big or it will sap warmth rather than retaining it. Snow is an excellent insulator. Build up a shelf that is higher than the entrance for you to sleep on this will help keep you warm. Do not sleep on the bare snow you need to lay down your sleeping pad or pine needles or whatever you can find to keep yourself off the snow. Finally you can dig a fireplace into one of the walls. Be sure to dig a vent pipe running up the back of the fireplace to act as a chimney pipe. Do not fall asleep with the fireplace lit put it out before bed to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
The other style is an igloo. This should only be attempted if you have plenty of time and are not in a life or death situation. To start mark out a circle in the snow and then find a drift. Clear the loose snow from the drift and use this as your quarry using a big knife or saw and cut all of your blocks the same size stack them one layer at a time until you are at the top
Make the final block like a plug. You can use snow to fill in any cracks and then your done. Igloos take 4-5 hours to build but once done are as good as a tent if not better. Whichever design you choose just be sure to add ventilation and don't fall asleep with any fires going.

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