What will you do with your pets?

I havent seen this come up to often but it is a question we all ask ourselves. What will we do with our pets in the event of a bugout? I cat will probably do okay on its own if you let it out the door before you leave as cats aren't quite as dependent on us as some pets. Fish, reptiles, and other small pets will most likely be SOL. Now what about man's best friend?
Would you take your dog with you? Is your dog trained well enough to come? Some people would say no and just leave their dogs behind. Not this family, our dogs may not be trained as well as a K9 unit but they will listen.
The downside to bringing a dog is an extra life to worry about protecting, an extra mouth to feed, and possibly giving your position away however lets stop to think about the benefits. A dog is truly a family pet they will fight to the death to protect their owners, they can track much better than a human, they are excellent at guarding your area and alerting you to pending danger. The dogs senses are so much better than a human. Seeing your furry friend can boost moral and having your dogs to sleep by will offer comfort, a security system that has worked for thousands of years, and provide warmth.
While some dogs are better suited for this lifestyle than others all can adapt. My dogs are a Black Lab and a Black Lab / Pitbull mix. I would gladly take them with if we ever have to bugout the added risks are far outweighed by the added benefits.
So please while you are planning your bugout remember your best friend do not leave them behind. They would not leave you behind and if they are left if the home alone they will probably die of stavation or dehydration. They have done so much for your family do not forget about them.

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