Best foods to stockpile

Some foods hold better than others and stay good for a very long time. This list is some of the best food to stockpile
  • Beef Jerky- small, can be had for a decent price, packed with protein, holds for up to one year past best by date
  • Oatmeal- very filling, cheap, easy to make, nutritious, never really expires
  • Granola bars- nutritious, cheap at a dent and bent, good long after best by date
  • Canned soup- Good for years, easy to make, cheap, nutritious, possibly hydrating if needed
  • Bottled water- you can go up to 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water. Be sure you have a supply when SHTF
  • Instant Coffee- This is a necessity if you drink it daily the last thing you want is a caffeine craving headache. Remember coffee will dehydrate so only drink if you have plenty of water.
  • Ramen- small, lightweight, millions of college students survive on this every year, buy it by the case
  • Dehydrated veggies- you still have to eat your veggies even once shtf
  • MRE- These are expensive but great if you are on the move if the idea is to stay put though the money spent on these could be used for a lot more food
  • Pasta- filling and cheap
  • Canned re fried beans and other Mexican foods are great fillers and quite nutritious
  • Tobacco- not really food but if you smoke it is best to start stocking up on 1lb bags of tobacco and filter tubes. Here in WI 1lb of 4 aces tobacco is only $30 and Gambler tubes are only $3 for a box of 200

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