Stockpiling food

Stockpiling food in your bug out shelter is essential to staying alive after SHTF if you plan to stay put. So the question arises where does one go about getting the extra funds to get more food than you would normally purchase for groceries. One place I have found is the dent and bent most of the items are less than half the price you would pay at the grocery store and if its in a can chances are it is not yet expired. Around $ 20 per week will get you ready for the end .If you have a dent and bent or discount food store near you that may be your best bet for getting huge amounts of food for a very reasonable price. Just be sure to check the expiration date on the package if it is going to expire soon don't get it for your bug out shelter and be sure to keep an inventory list of your stockpile. One final word do not keep any alcohol in the shelter it impairs your judgement when a dumb choice could mean the difference between life and death. Alcohol also dehydrates you and gives you a hangover which could affect your decision making for several days, alcohol = bad juju.

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