Review for Maglite 3d led

Recently I purchased a 3D LED MagLite at the local Walmart for around $30.00. This has become my go to light for anything from finding wood at night to
looking under my car. As soon as you take it out of the package you can feel the quality built into this light. It is nice and heavy, made out of solid aluminum, and super bright. This light could easily be used as an improvised club if need be and there are many stories of people doing this.
MagLites have always had a reputation as the best flashlights for your money. The 3D LED has a runtime of 79 hours according to the manufacturer and I have not yet tested the actual runtime but this seems pretty close to reality. After several  months of use I haven't replaced the batteries yet.
You will be able to see up to 364 meters with a lumen rating of 131 lumens and while I dont have a way to test lumens I would be prone to believe this due to how bright the beam is once focused. Overall I would give this light a 5/5 star rating due to the fact that it has held up so far.

Technical specs
  • Batt Type- 3- D CELL
  • Weight- 31 oz with batteries
  • Length- 12.5 inches
  • Lumens- 131
  • Beam- Adjustable
  • Beam Distance- 364 meters
  • Runtime-79 hours
  • Warranty- 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Case type-  Anodized Aluminum with checkered grip
  • Battery access- unscrew tail cap
  • Switch- push button on side
  • Lens- plastic
  • Bulb- LED
  • Price- $30.00

Pro: Durable, improvised weapon, bright, long run time
Cons: Heavy

Long Term Update
This flashlight has been awesome to me. Its been almost 3 years since I bought it but the damn thing wont die. When the batteries get low it tends to shut off if bumped. Even though its scratched to hell it still works like a champ. Haven't gotten to use my mag light as a whoopass stick yet but maybe someday. It does function as a hammer. Im still giving this Mag a 5/5 score. Probably the best flashlight I've ever owned.


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