My opinion on the best firearm for survival

While it is true that the best gun will be the one that you have on hand when SHTF my personal recomendation is a .22 rifle of any kind. The reason behind this is ammunition is extremly cheap to stockpile and you can
carry tons of it for a small amount of weight and space.
If the end comes by way of zombies the only thing thats gonna matter is headshots and a .22 will definitly puncture a skull as well as bounce around for a while inside the skull if it does not exit. If the end comes by way of social and economic breakdown you are gonna want something that is lightweight with low recoil, good effective range, cheap and easily stockpiled ammunition and multiple shots.
I understand everyone has their own opinion this is just my two cents and i personally have a Marlin XT .22 Mag on hand for this. 50 rounds for $7.00 and the gun itself is only $220.00 so i would say in a survival situation for the money this would be great it also has a 4 round and 7 round clip, bolt action that is smooth as butter and is heavy enough to be used as a club should it jam or become otherwise rendered useless.

 My other weapons I will be getting are an AR-15 in .223, Marlin .22 lever action and a Mossberg 500 12 gauge shotgun. I will also be getting a .22LR revolver again because ammo is cheap and jams are easy to clear. These weapons are all tough as nails, cheap, accurate, and easy to find ammo for.
The conclusion is that the weapon you have at hand is gonna either make or break you and I am fairly sure my family and I will be okay with my weapon selection.

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