how to make char cloth

Char cloth is invaluable to a survivor. It has been used since medieval times to start fires. Char cloth takes an ember from even the smallest spark and holds it for quite some time.
 Making it is easy all you need is a sealed can and an old shirt or pair of jeans. Start a fire and get a bed of coals. Next cuts the old shirt into small squares and put them in the can, seal the can and punch a hole in the top. Now you can place this on the the coals, smoke will begin billowing out. Leave the can sit for a while then take it off the coals and look at the cloth inside. When the char cloth is done it will be black but still flexible. If the cloth is crumbly you will have to start over.
You can store this in a zip lock bag for later use just be sure to let the char cloth cool first.

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