How to build a penny stove

The best stove is one that gets hot fast, is lightweight, and does not require substantial fuel supply. If you have room for a small can and a bottle of Heet in your bug out bag you have room for one of the best stoves available.
  1. 2- Same brand soda cans
  2. utility knife blade
  3. chunk of 2x4 or a thick book
  4. thumbtack
  5. fiberglass insulation
The whole cooking kit including the
stand fit right inside my mess kit
Start this project by screwing the utility knife blade to a block of wood or place it between a thick book. Now begin turning the bottom of the soda can on the blade so you can cut it to an even height.
Once you have cut both cans throw away the tops and save the 1.5" bottoms. Place the insulation inside one of the cans. Carefully press the two cans into each other, before finishing pressing the cans together pop 5 holes in the center of one of the cans to release air.. Finish pressing the cans on top of each other.
Now it's time to make the jets. Make one hole and directly across from it make another continue around the can until you have 16 holes that are evenly spaced.
This stove needs a stand to do this simply make a zig zag in about 1ft of wire coat hanger then bend it to a round shape. There are many other designs but I have found this to be the best.

Fill the stove with Heet or rubbing alcohol and then place a penny over the five holes in the center. To light this stove hold a flame under it until it gets uncomfortably warm by this time you should hear pressure escaping carefully light the jets. You are ready to cook as soon as the flame is even. A penny stove and its stand will fit neatly inside your mess kit and provide you with an easy way to cook.This stove will boil water very efficiently and get extremely hot.

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