How to Build a Buddy Burner and Hobo Stove

Building a buddy burner is very simple. It can be used as a firestarter, a handwarmer, or a stove and burns for an extremely long time based on the cost.

can of any kind
candle wax
coffee can

Buddy Burner
  1. Cut the top of the can off
  2. roll the cardboard into a tight coil
  3. stuff the cardboard into the can
  4. pour candle wax over the cardboard
  5. allow to cool
Hobo Stove
Pop holes in the side of the coffee can on the top and bottom
Flip the coffee can upside down and place the buddy burner under it

It takes about one minute to light a Buddy Burner. To do so tip the stove upside down and apply a flame to the cardboard until it the fire spreads to the whole coil. Wind is not the buddy burner's friend so keep it out of the wind. If you only have wet tinder available the Buddy Burner can be used to start your fire, simply place it under the tinder.

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