Bug Out Cabin

An idea has been on my mind for quite some time. Most people will not be planning on leaving their homes when SHTF, I however will be. The idea here is to get a small piece of land out in the sticks and build a cabin. The cabin is only going to cost around 5,000 and will be a 1 bed 1 bath which for my wife and I is perfect. I can pick up the land for decent price and have the tools and the skills to build it all myself. The general idea I will be following is the motherearthnews $4000 cabin except i will add a basement and bathroom. I think that this idea will be much better than staying in town where there will be desperate people everywhere. Living off the land is not that bad if you have shelter in place and supplies and weapons stockpiled. The plans and materials list for this cabin can be found by searching motherearthnews.com cabin

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