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Bushcraft uses for pine trees

Tree I.d. and uses

White pine

In my neck of the woods the white pine is a woodsman best friend. This beautiful pine has medicinal value, its edible, and is a great shelter making resource.

Bandage- To make a bandage from a white pine score a line around the circumferance of a small branch then score again about 6 inches away. Now cut down the center long ways and peel off the branch. Wrap around finger like a bandage. White pine is antiseptic and the covering will help to keep cut clean. This will not absorb blood very well Tea- Pine needle tea is high in vitamin c and is an age old remedy for sore throats and colds. It tastes about how pine needles smell. Boil pine needles in a cup of water and drink. For a stronger tea chop the needles first.
Ridge poles and shelter- White pines make great ridge poles as they are very straight and plenty strong. Saplings tend to make straighter more durable poles than branches.  In addition to ridge poles white pines have great boughs for roofing materi…
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How to care for your cast iron cookware

Cast iron cookware, the best of the best. Unless you don't know how to care for it. Any cast iron cookware can be restored no matter how old and nasty as long as it isn't cracked, because under the surface it is still nice heavy duty cookware. Modern cast iron pots and pans generally come preseasoned but this seasoning will wear off in time if not taken care of. Also if you have an allergy to soy you may need to burn out and reseason the iron before using it.
I'd like to address a few myths first before getting into proper care
1.You cant wash cast iron with soap. You most certainly can it wont hurt anything just make sure the piece is thoroughly dried before it gets put away.
2. Rusted iron is junk. False, remove the rust with a scouring pad or steel wool and reseason.
3. You cant use metal utensils in cast iron. It's not Teflon, it wont scratch or flake. Cast iron is harder on the Rockwell scale than your stainless spatula. The worst that will happen from using metal…

Build an EDC first aid kit.

Have you ever taken a look online for a personal first aid kit?

Bulletproof Firestarting Kit

Camping is just sleeping in a tent without a fire. Ever since the first caveman figured out how to create a fire it has been considered an essential outdoor skill. Whether you prefer to be ultra minimalist and start a fire with two branches or prefer the more reliable method of a can of gas and a box of matches fire is essential. We can cook with it, purify water, maintain our body temperature, keep critters at bay, and provide a general sense of security. Now, while a can of gas is a quick and dirty way to set a blaze there are much safer and more compact options.

The Ultimate Bug Out Bag 2

Kabar Becker BK2 Bushcraft

Top three firearms to survive anything

Yep were gonna open up this can of worms again. I've got my opinions you have yours share them in the comments section below.
Any firearm could theoretically be a survival tool and we all have an opinion on what survival really is. For me survival is an everyday thing. I want to have my tools work to gather food, defend my home, and keep me safe at camp.