Build a Get Home Bag

My get home bag

You are half way home and the car dies. No problem right? You'll just call someone and be on your way. Oh you didn't charge your phone last night and now its dead. So off you go on a ten mile hike back home. On the way home you deal with rain, blisters, a bad neighborhood, mosquitoes, dehydration, and exhaustion. By the time you reach home you are in no condition to do anything. You look at the couch and just collapse on it unable to move from being so physically drained.

A beginners guide to survival fishing

***Most of the survival fishing techniques covered in this article are illegal. Always check your local laws if you are unsure. In a true survival situation self preservation should trump fishing laws.***

"You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and feed him for life." Fishing is an ancient and proven form of food procurement that has turned to more of a past time in our modern society. Fishing is a truly important survival skill to learn. It can be practiced easily anywhere you see water. You don't need a whole lot of money to get started. All you really need to start is bait, hooks, sinkers, bobbers, and a pole. Fish are a perfect survival food because they are abundant in most areas and full of nutrients. In this article you will learn the basics of freshwater fishing, survival fishing, how to make lures, find bait, find fish, assemble a survival fishing kit, and how to cook your catch among other things.

Survival fire kit

About a week ago I started assembling new packs for myself and the wife. I wanted to create a survival kit that would be lightweight and easy to use even for someone with limited outdoor knowledge. Fire is especially important here in Wisconsin where its cold three seasons out of the year, so I decided weight wasn't an issue for the fire kit. I did quite a bit of research and pretty much ignored cost to make sure the wife would be able to get a fire going no matter what.

Solo vs Group survival; You have to sleep sometime

The big one finally happened. It's chaos all around you now. What will you do? What plans do you have in place. Some people will bug out and join a team that was chosen long before the shit hit the fan, others will go completely solo, and the sheeple will probably die while they wait for help. Lets take a look at some of the pros and cons for each tactic.

The gray man

The gray man, the one guy at work that everyone sees but nobody notices. He is soft spoken and keeps his opinions to himself. His old pickup truck runs great but looks ragged and boring. No lift kit or shiny rims just boring. Most people don't know much about him and hardly even remember his name. He is always polite and never causes problems or makes enemies. If he takes a day off not a single person notices he is gone. When work lets out he simply disappears from your sight and mind until the next shift. You don't know a thing about his life nor do you care because nothing about him draws any attention. He is so boring and average in dress and demeanor that he is essentially ignored. Nothing about this individual invokes the slightest bit of curiosity in the human mind. He is in almost all regards to the term a ghost and does not exist.

An evac plan for your dog

I have two dogs that are just as much a part of the family as my wife and kid are. They sleep in bed

with us and lay on the couch. In return they protect the house while we're away and alert us when they hear  something go bump in the night. I don't think you should have a dog if you lack that mindset. A dog will do anything for you and lives to make you happy so please remember to include them in the family evac plan.
The pros to having a dog in a crisis far outweigh the cons. Your dog will guard the family with its life and they'll hear stuff long before you do so they are an excellent early warning system. Size doesn't matter, even the smallest dogs will still alert you and try to protect you. My ma has a little Pomeranian that's gotta be getting close to ten years old now and she still runs the pack which includes a pitbull, a lab, and a hound.
Dogs can be trained to help with hunting and tracking as well.

How to pack your bug out bag or backpack

Before we get into how to pack a bugout bag there are a few things I feel I should clear up first. If your pack weighs 80 pounds its useless. You do not need all that weight to survive for 72 hours. The whole point of a bug out bag is to get you out of an emergency situation quickly and keep you alive for three days. Professional backpackers say that your pack should be at most 25% of your body weight. That weight is for non emergency situations, if you have to evac that is way too much weight. Your pack should be as mobile and lightweight as possible so that you can still run, duck, crawl, climb, swim, all the things that will be needed to escape a dangerous situation.

Coffee in a survival sitution

Coffee, cafĂ©, espresso, java, joe, it doesn't matter what you call it most of us can't imagine a morning without it. From the hardcore three pot a day junkies such as myself, to the one cup a day snobs like my sister, coffee is a big part of our society. It is one of the most traded commodities on our planet second only to oil in the United States and since Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee it is the number one most imported food item in the US.
So why should you care about coffee if you don't drink it?What would happen if SHTF?

How to choose an Axe

35,500 years ago an ingenious primitive man fastened a wedge to a stick and made an axe, one of the first simple machines. This simple machine became one of the most useful tools and meanest weapons known. Fast forward to modern day and we are still using the same idea just different materials.

My new EDC flashlight : Coast HP7 review

Anyone who knows me knows the abuse I put my everyday carry gear through. I work on cars, trucks, houses, fish, and am outdoors a lot. With all the stuff I do my flashlights tend to get dropped, thrown, and used as hammers. I usually can't afford the absolute best of the best but I do try to get good quality tools that will last me at least a year. A year is the time window I allow my tools so I don't piss the wife off.
I know I can go online and buy other lights that are better than what is available at the big box stores but I do not have the patience to wait for a light to get shipped to me. Usually if I am buying a replacement for my EDC gear I broke the one I have and need a replacement now not in two weeks. I'm not rich so $30-40 is the maximum I can spend on a flashlight.