The Ultimate Bug Out Bag 2

Top three firearms to survive anything

Yep were gonna open up this can of worms again. I've got my opinions you have yours share them in the comments section below.
Any firearm could theoretically be a survival tool and we all have an opinion on what survival really is. For me survival is an everyday thing. I want to have my tools work to gather food, defend my home, and keep me safe at camp.

The 10 c's of survivability

Just ten items. Ten items that will keep you alive as long as you have the knowledge to use them. While the idea of going out for a weekend with just this minimal kit may seem absurd to some of you the weight savings make it well worth having to be a bit ingeniutive. I'm not sure the originator of the 10 cs is but I learned it from Dave Canterbury both in his books and on his youtube channel and I'd like to say thank you Dave. So here's the 10 main pieces of gear you need to make it.

Got back from another overnighter

Once again I arrived later than I wanted to. This time with about an hour and a half of daylight left. So I hurried down to the site and started gathering deadfall to assemble a lean to and elevated sleep platform. Deadfall was easy to gather for the platform but the two bottom runners would have taken way to long to cut.

Heading back out

My vacation isn't quite up yet and my trip a few days ago left me less than satisfied. I got there way to late in the evening and broke camp pretty much as soon as I woke up. Not this time around. I'll be heading out much earlier this time around so I don't have to set camp in the dark. I have a tent in the truck as a back up but the plan is to just set up a tarp lean to. This weekend should be somewhat warm for Wisconsin so well see how that goes. I made a few changes to my loadout.

My first cold weather bushcraft trip

My plans to wake up early in the morning fell through. I woke up late and didn't arrive until 5:00 pm. Upon arriving I had to shovel a massive snowbank out of the way so I could pull the truck off the road. It was already getting dark by the time I got done shoveling a parking spot so the first priority was gather firewood and get a fire started. After a bit of a hike through deep snow I dropped my gear by camp and started gathering wood.

Gearing up for my first cold weather bushcraft trip

I've been planning a trip for quite some time now. I took a week of vacation from work because that was the original plan, one week. Well I'm married to a beautiful woman and have an adorable daughter and a week away from them just isn't going to work for any of us.

What bushcraft means to me

For me bushcraft is a way to purge all of the stress that I face in day to day life. Ya know work, bills,
people in general. Bushcraft is not about gear or zombies or any of the other nonsense people worry about these days. It is more about skill than tools.

How to build emergency tarp shelters

 There may come a time when you find yourself without shelter for one reason or another. There are several options but the two easiest forms of shelter are tarps and tents. This is not going to be a debate on whether a tent or tarp is better. This article will teach you a few easy to pitch tarp shelters and how to make a great survival tarp on the cheap.