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M35 bug out vehicle

We all want an indestructible bug out vehicle that will run on anything flammable and run over anything that blocks our path. Sure you could get a big dually pick up truck and spend thousands lifting it and putting big ass tires on it, or... You could just buy a used military 6 wheel drive monster.

7 Tools that probably aren't in your bug out bag

More often than not the goal is to keep your gear light weight and easy to move with and while I agree this is good, small tools frustrate the hell out of me. A folding shovel or hatchet will do the trick in a pinch but generally these pint sized tools are much slower at a job than their full sized counterparts. So here's 7 heavy weight tools to keep at your base camp or in your vehicle just in case.

Final update Geo Tracker Bug Out Vehicle

After fixing up my little tonka truck for a while now I'm finally done other than paint. Here's the final mods.

Kershaw Clash

What can I say about the Kershaw 1605 Clash? Its big, heavy, and bulky... All of which points to one thing, Durability and the perfect budget EDC. I truly do like the size of this knife and the way it fits my hand. The assisted opening flipper is at just the right spot for fast opening. The Ken Onion designed drop point blade is razor sharp right out of the package like every other Kershaw I've ever had.

Yeti Tundra 45

The very last cooler you will ever buy.
That is the first impression I got from my Yeti. If you want a virtually bomb proof, apocalypse proof, drunken friend proof, and of course bear proof cooler this is for you.

Stick welding with a hobby welder

For years I've wanted a welder but just never seemed to get around to buying one. With my latest bug out truck I finally convinced the wife I needed one to complete the project. Using a small hobbyist stick welder I completely redid the body of the truck and welded in a lot of extra steel for added strength.

survival water heater

A hot bath or shower is one of the best inventions ever. Nothing relaxes me more than a nice hot shower at the end of the day. So when shit hits the fan what are you gonna do? Sure if you have gas you'll still have a water heater but for how long. What about remote locations where gas is hard to come by or there's no electricity?

Natural mosquito trap

Rain, rain go away. That's what everyone in my area has been saying this year. Currently my yard is a swamp as are the fields and everything else around here. Of course with all this water flooding isn't the only problem. Mosquitoes

Stockpiling goods

Our country's future is very unpredictable. We are still a very young country and all great civilizations have one thing in common; They Ended. From natural or manmade disasters to

Update Geo Tracker bug out vehicle

Since the last time you read about my bug out truck I have had a whole lot of fun and updated a lot of things. Winter was a blast I spent a lot of time cruising
around trying to get stuck out in the snow drifts and now that its spring I've been playing in the mud. One of the best
upgrades was