Interesting how shit changes

Interesting how Uncle Sam doesn't want you to do anything like this in 2015. Strange that some of it is illegal nowadays. Just something to think about next time ya go to a giant corporation to do your shopping.

How to start a fire with dryer lint and a spark

Dryer lint makes great tinder and it will ignite with just a spark. I always try to keep some in my fire kit. Make sure you store it in a ziplock baggie to keep it dry. Check out the video above to see how fast dryer lint will catch on fire from only a spark.

Easy Way To Gather Water In The Rain

Here's a quick way to gather water if you are stuck and its raining. Sure you could stand under the roof and gather what falls but this is easier and doesn't take much energy to get a big drink. You don't need to boil rainwater it can be drank straight from the plastic.

Build an Indoor Greenhouse Part 2

I've got my home built greenhouse done so now its time to make a control to see how effective it is.
This control will also tell me if harvesting seeds from store bought produce works.  In part 2 I'm going to use a cheap commercially available greenhouse and set it up. The whole project with seeds only cost $20.00.
This greenhouse has everything done by the book including potting soil, seed planting depth and packaged seeds.

Build an Indoor Greenhouse Part 1

If you like fresh vegetables this is for you. Every week when the wife and I go grocery shopping we spend quite a bit of money on vegetables. What we don't use gets blanched and frozen then if possible I harvest the seeds. My goal was to find a way to grow the seeds indoors and have access to fresh vegetables indoors. This way I don't have to dig up my yard, I can see and pick the vegetables as soon as they are ripe, I can plant earlier, and the bugs and critters don't bother the plants.

Build A Fire The Right Way

The main components of a fire
In the great outdoors fire is your best friend. Whether you're in a survival situation, camping, or hiking, pretty much anything outdoors is better with a fire.  Fire provides you with warmth, a way to cook and purify water, the ability to cut big logs without any work, keeps bugs away, signaling, the uses are endless. Because of all the uses it is important to know the right way to start a fire. Get this right and your chances of surviving dramatically increase.

Bad ass Sawzall Bowie Knife

I had vacation today and was sorting through some of my survival gear when I noticed a Sawzall blade I threw in my gear. These blades are sharp as hell and chew through pretty much anything in a hurry. I think the survival community as a whole is aware of how useful they are. The thing I had a problem with is how to grip the damn thing.  They sell plastic and wood handles to use the blades for drywall and shit but this is survival not home improvement. I could've just wrapped it in duct tape or paracord but that ain't my style.

Make your own storm proof matches

I have known about storm proof matches for years but I just cant see spending the money on them. I do my best to improve upon existing technology or at least draw my ideas for gear from it. Well livetoseetomorrow did it again, with stormproof matches that are hand made and burn for around 10 minutes

7 Ways To Beef Up Your Home Security

Don't wait till something bad happens to update your home security system. I'm not talking about an electronic security system although that would be nice. I'm referring to age old tried and true knowledge. I live in a pretty low crime area but I still worry about my wife and kid when I'm not around. The wife can shoot and will shoot but the first step of home security is prevention. Here's a few things you can do to update your home's security.

Being self sufficient

A big part of survival is being self reliant. For some damn reason nobody wants to rely on themselves. The government doesn't want people to be self reliant either. Oh my kid has a fever of 100 degrees so lets run them to the ER right away. Are you fucking kidding me? What happened to fixing shit yourself? I grew up about 30 miles from the nearest hospital so unless you were missing something ya weren't going to the hospital. Ma would make some soup and give me Tylenol. Not a big deal.
Next is food. The government wants you to rely on others for your food. They are more willing to